Spring Folkstyle, Freestyle & Greco

Come and be a part of the Downers Grove Wrestling Club for the 2018 spring season.  We will wrestle Folkstyle, Freestyle, and Greco.  Freestyle and Greco wrestling are alternative styles of wrestling that you see in the Olympics every four years.  The scoring and rules are different than what we call Folkstyle, but they are styles that promote scoring and make for a very interesting brand of wrestling. 

WHAT:               Downers Grove Wrestling Club

WHERE:             Downers Grove South High School, Downers Grove, IL
                           1436 Norfolk Ave.
                            Downers Grove, IL 60516

REGISTRATION:  Register in-person at any DGWC Spring practice                 

WHEN:               Tuesday- Downers Grove South High School - 5:00-6:30 PM              

                           Thursday- Downers Grove South High School- 5:00 PM-6:30 PM 

TOURNAMENTS:  Full schedule in the "Calendar" tab on the left hand side.   Also see below for tournament listing/links

WHEN:  The first official practice will be on Tuesday, March 20th and the last official practice will be on Thursday, May 3rd (seven weeks). 

WHO:  The Downers Grove Wrestling Club is open to any wrestler who is looking to get some experience and improve their skills.  While a majority of the club will consist of High School wrestlers, IESA and IKWF kids are encouraged to join.  

COST: The cost of the club will be $75, plus every wrestler MUST have a USA Wrestling card ($40) to compete in tournaments.  The cost of the club includes DGWC t-shirt.  Additional club gear may be available for purchase.  There will be weekly tournaments that will run anywhere from $20-$25, and we will go to about 2-3 “open mats” at other schools that will either be free of charge, or have a minimal fee ($5-$10).  Please make checks payable to the Downers Grove Wrestling Club.  If money is an issue, please contact Coach Lovelace.  No wrestler will be excluded because of money!!!


Sean Raddatz- DGS Varsity Assistant- 2X IHSA State Placewinner, High School All-American, Team IL Team Member

Jimmy Nehls- Elmhurst College/DGWC Coach-  IHSA State Placewinner, Team IL Team Member, NCAA National Runner-up

Dan Balderas- DGWC Coach- NCAA DIII Top Ten for Elmhurst College, Team IL Team Member 

Tim Noverini- DGS Varsity Assistant- IHSA State Placewinner, Team IL Team Member


South Club Contact:  Sean Lovelace (Downers Grove South) - 630-290-1834- slovelace@csd99.org    

North Club Contact:   Chris McGrath (Downers Grove North) – 773-339-3054- cmcgrath@csd99.org